What to Look for when Buying a Monument

A beautiful, personalized monument is not only a tribute to your loved one, but it’s also an investment. You should be careful when selecting your monument, and also when selecting your supplier. Here are some key items to ensure your lasting satisfaction with the monument you select:

1.  Are there certain materials that diminish (chip, crack, not weather well) over time?

100% solid granite is preferred for both presentation and longevity. It will remain a handsome monument for generations to come. Fabricated granite is well known to pit, rust and breakdown much more easily than solid granite.

2.  Does the thickness of the monument matter?

Yes, 6-8” is considered standard thickness for a quality monument. It provides enough weight to more easily withstand wear and tear from mowers and other cemetery vehicles. Thinner monuments will be more lightweight and will be damaged and moved off of their base much more easily.

3.  Why is the footer important?

A solid and deep footer is critical for the longevity of a monument. It provides a stable and level foundation for the monument which can weigh 1,200-2,000 lbs.

4.  How deep should the footer go into the ground?

The footer should be established 24-32” below the freezing line. Be wary of footers that are less. The monument will be much more likely to appear crooked in years to come.

5.  What is a proof and why is it important?

Before production a proof will provide you an illlustration of how the monument will appear. You should check for errors and verify spelling, dates, etc. It will allow you to make any changes before the monument is produced. It helps to ensure your satisfaction with the final product. Always demand a proof prior to the production of the memorial to your loved one.

6.  What should you expect from a monument company?

You should expect courteous, respectful service as well as prompt replies. You should expect a quality monument that will stand the test of time. A proof should always be provided prior to production. Installation should include a footer that will allow for a level monuments for years to come. Once the contract is signed and provided the ground is not frozen, the entire process should take no more than 8-12 weeks and often less.

7.  How do I know I’m buying from a reputable supplier?

You can ask your supplier for references and to review examples of their work. Funeral directors can also usually provide feedback. Oftentimes, you can find ratings with the Better Business Bureau.

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